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Setting sun
Rising moon
Falling stars
Me and you
Its dawn
When my heart falls
And my soul is one with yours
A light breeze
A quick breath
One final kiss
Before you leave again
At dawn
My heart skips a beat
You laugh and smile
While the sun sets
Before its time to grieve
Say you love me
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When I think of You
All I wanted was your honestey
But heaven can wait
All I asked of you was your loyalty
Feels like hell is a walk away
So in my time of need
I scream for you
So when you come I will be freed
So you can wait, to obtain
      And my heart
I won't be left behind
It's all that remains
I can't see you, am i blind
What is it I'm dying for
                                     Do you realy even know
Break me down
                           Burn my core
I'll forgive you, here's my soul
Never betray
                      I won't lead you astr
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Not Ready To Die
Does never being ready to die
                         mean never being ready to live
When life is pain
             is death happiness
And if I told you I loved you
                would you set my heart free
What do I do when the blood on the floor
                               isn't enough to show you I care
If hate is all i've ever felt
                      can I know peace
Or do I have to bleed
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Every Step you Take
Held back by his past
A man faces his future running away
Dieing inside
Mistakes scare his soul like charred fields of snow
Break his psyche like the cracks in asphalt
Now one blames him but himself
So he just locks himself in a cage
Killing himself inside out
Bleeding and choking on the blood
The one thing he was living for
Was shattered by lies and deceit
I know its not her fault
We are all human we make mistakes and move on
The only thing we ever really have is hope
And even if you say you want to die
Even if you just want to give up
That shimmer won’t go away
All humans fear death
So you can lie to me
And lie to yourself
The world will change
And if it doesn’t
I will change
No one knows the thoughts of suicidal death
Like the mind of the broken insane
Like your closest friend
Like the kid willing to die for his friends
Even if they hate him
There’s no past I won’t forgive
But I cant reach you If you keep running
And you cant hear me
Until you uncover your ears
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In the Eyes of the Anti-hero
The anger and the violence returns
When the lies you speak fill the water with poison
Fill it with dread and fear
To fuel the chaos in the minds of the chosen
To try and eradicate the innocent
From this barren earth
Trying to create your utopia
Of sin
When the blue sky falls and is replaced
By red stars and gray clouds
The violence returns
To take what you say
And shatter it like broken glass
But you continue to deceive
Continue to preach psychopathic virtues
Only for me to overcome
But now, epiphanies breach my soul
The way rain erodes the earth
So no I will show you  unstable psychoneurotic animosity
And give you the misery and anguish you have so rightfully earned
To show you the pandemonium of my conscious
To carry out the retribution of the blameless
And rectify justice for the pointless fatalities
Now arrives the violence once again
So I justly place the blame on you
My enemy
The very enemy of virtuous freedom
So now the truth confesses your imperfections
Revealing the
:iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 1 1
Demon War
Laid to waste
Laid to rest
In the ocean of blood
In my sea of tyrants
So now the madness awakens
In the ashes of the wake
Bells ring sounds of false freedom
As the blind martyrs follow
Now can you see
The blood on the stained window
  Dripping into the lies you weave
You scream in hate
I will teach you fear
  Know my sorrow
   Feel my pain
Black sunlight dawns on the gallows
Remorse is for the dead my enemy
This is a revolution
Against the king of treason
The time has come to show you ruin
This revolt will give you war
  Reap what you sow
Watch your palaces burn
Your demise my redemption
  Rejoice in the age of ruin
Feel the wrath of vengeance
The deliverance of my justice
  Is my salvation
The hour of judgment day awaits
Die in your solitude
  Under my black wings
Mark my words you will remember me
Have a taste of destruction
  Ever again, again and again
Your malice
My motivation
Welcome to your end
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Regret Can Kill
Life something with potential
Is rendered asunder  by the pain of the world
  It is torn and shredded by your doubts
As your life fades your regrets grow binding you to wall
  An unrecognizable figure stares back at you in the reflection of your mind
   Mistakes stain your soul like scars
When you begin to move your body is shredded by what is holding you back
Filling the room with blood until you drown
Living your life as a lie was a mistake
Now you pay with the pain of trying to forget
Blood shot eyes look back at you in the reflection of your blood
The demon you see starts laughing back as you begin to cry
The weight of your sins crushes your bones
Breaks your will and smashes your spirit
Why did you live you life that way
Now you hate every one around you but hate yourself the most
Drowning memories flood your mind
You think of what life could have been
  And you know you are to blame
All t
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I Have Blinded Her,Myself
Just torn between another decision.
And there is nowhere to run.
Now that I feel this way there is no turning back.
Every time I think of us, I
YELL at myself and say we are just friends.
Justice, is there no justice for me.
AAAA, I scream we are just friends, just friends.
Now, I just don't know if i can even look at her.
Every time, I hold myself back, and
YELL, NO we are just friends, but I
Just want something special so bad it hurts.
A surge of tears well up inside, forever to stay
Never to be shed. I tell myself
Every single time, It is just impossible but I
Yearn for it, and it is eating me inside out.
AAAA, why, why you, why me, why.
NO, I still sceam, NO just friends, you could never
Ever see me the way I want to be seen.
You just can't, because I just know it.
Junk, rubbish, trash is how I feel if I told you
A poem, but I just can
Not, see you ever being more than a friend.
End, I just want to end this feeling before the
Years of false hope hollow me
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Armada: Death angel of light :iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 0 1 Armada:Death angel of wind :iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 0 0 Armada: His lance pg. 1 :iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 0 2
See, Angel of Chaos
Eyes, Serenity of Madness
          Killing your Hope, Crushing your Heart
He Stares, into your Soul
Face, made of Stone
         Calming you while Deceiving you
Now Frowning, he Speaks of Impending Disaster
Skin, White Ivory
        Body of Marble filled with Strength
He takes a Step, Reaches out
His Dark Aura, Suffocates
                       Robs you of Speech
His Jugdement, a Final Chapter
                         Makes you Guilty as Sin
His Words, are Death
                  Free you from Life
Sky Fades to Black
:iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 0 2
What is This Insomnia
It escapes me
The one thing i do the most
Yet i lack it
Sleep over half the day
And wake up tired
Nodd of in class
Fail to stay on task
I'm always sleepy
Always dreaming
but when i wake up
I am only part awake
Can't get enough
Even when I'm sleeping
Do i blame it on my bed
Maybe school
Either way
I'm sleepy
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The Purpose of Poetry
You ask why my poem is short
I say silence is deafening
You say that I use such simple words
I show you simplicity is art
You imply i should write more
I ask why give more than is necessary
You think to yourself you can't understand
I say to you my freind
A poem is meant to be felt not just read
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Holding me up
Keeping me strong
These chains will make me live long
Each link
Will stay with me
Even at the brink
Filled with hope
no more sorrow
I live to see them tomorrow
:iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 3 3
Give Yourself a Reason
The meaning of life
Is to give life meaning
Your search unending
To find nothing
In the end
That somthing
Is what you are wanting
:iconhyperflare10:hyperflare10 1 1


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Personal Quote: if you are not your art, your art is not you
Um Hello havent been very active on DA but whatever

anywas i might put up some new stuff if i feel like it.
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